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Student Support Services

Support Team Education Plan (STEP)

The Support Team Education Plan (STEP) Program is a collaborative process that brings together students, parents/guardians, teachers, and administrators to seek positive solutions based on a student’s strengths and special needs to help that student benefit from his or her education and to facilitate participation in the Catholic school curriculum. 

Nativity School has appointed Ms. Michelle Pivaral as STEP coordinator,  who is responsible for overseeing and directing the STEP Program.  In response to a student’s needs, the STEP coordinator assembles a STEP Team, which consists of the parents/guardians, the classroom or homeroom teacher, the STEP coordinator, other school personnel as needed, and the student when appropriate. The STEP Team gathers information and data regarding the student from a variety of sources, including grade reports, standardized testing results, samples of class work, discipline records, questionnaires, interviews, psycho-educational reports, medical records, etc. to develop the student’s STEP.​​ 

STEP Form 15 – STEP Handout for Parents

STEP 15 Folleto de STEP para padres

STEP Coordinator Contact:
Ms. Michelle Pivaral 
Office | (323) 752-0720
Email | mpivaral@nativityla.org   

Counseling Partners of Los Angeles (CPLA)

About CPLA: Counseling Partners of Los Angeles (CPLA) offers a comprehensive school-based counseling program and support services, providing the tools, support and oversight essential to ensure the greatest opportunity for every student to grow toward their full potential emotionally, intellectually, morally and socially. CPLA strives to have students, parents, teachers, and counselors actively involved in nurturing student’s success and wellbeing by providing an exceptional level of support, expertise and oversight. CPLA is committed to success for every student every day. 

There is no additional cost for counseling services as it is one of the programs offered by your school. The counselors see students that are referred by faculty, parents, and the students themselves. Counseling services can benefit any psychosocial concerns involving academic, social, or emotional

CPLA Counselors Contact:
Stephanie Wei (Mondays & Wednesdays):
Email | stephanie.nativity@counselingpartnersofla.org

Geethanjali Chandroth (Tuesdays & Thursdays)
Email | geetha.nativity@counselingpartnersofla.org  

CPLA Website | www.counselingpartnersofla.org 


Partners for Children South Los Angeles (PCSLA)

About PCSLA: More to come…

PCSLA Family Advocate Contact:
Eddie Velez (Tuesdays)
Cell | (323) 823-0375
Office | (323) 607-0333 Ext. 106
Email | evelez@partners4childrensla.org 
PCSLA Website |  www.partners4childresla.org 



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