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Catapult Learning – Family Connections Program

The Family Connections Program provides families with education, counseling, consultation and support services, and is designed to enhance their children’s school performance. Consultation with faculty also supports more effective partnerships between teachers and parents. Families are offered services at the recommendation of school administrators. Reasons for referral may be concerns for the at-risk student’s attendance, learning, behavior, or emotional status that interfere with academic success.

Family Connections is a Title I funded program.

Program Services

Parent Education

  • Parenting education is provided in a small group format
  • The goal is to educate parents towards enhancing effectiveness, as well as to encourage increased involvement in their children’s schoolwork and school-related activities
  • Multiple session parenting courses and single session educational workshops to support at-home learning and positive family relationships can be offered
  • Education courses and workshops can be offered multiple times during the school year
  • Groups and workshops can be offered at convenient times and locations

Intervention Services

  • In collaboration with family members, Catapult Learning staff helps to identify and assess obstacles at home that detract from children achieving to their best potential in school.
  • A family plan is developed to promote academic achievement that identifies and addresses both the obstacles to success and the family and child’s strengths to be nurtured.
  • Consultation or short-term counseling is provided to families, along with referrals to appropriate community resources. Families are provided with assistance and support in securing any services needed


  • An experienced professional provides supervision to staff, and day-to-day oversight of program implementation
  • Master’s level counselors, social workers or educators provide all direct services to families and school staff
  • Professionals work closely with designated school administrators and our supervisor to develop and implement a plan at each school that makes best use of available services to meet school and family needs
  •  Flexible scheduling provides services at times and locations convenient to those served
  • Catapult Learning provides management oversight and technical clinical assistance as needed

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