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Mission & Vision


The mission of Nativity School is to empower the whole child to realize their potential by providing a quality, 21st century Catholic education regardless of their family’s economic level by developing their character and appreciation of higher education.


Nativity Catholic School is an integral part of the mission of Nativity Parish and stands as a beacon of hope to the Vermont-Slauson community.  Through facilitation of 21st century learning in a peaceful, academically engaging Catholic environment, educators at Nativity School strive to establish and advance conditions that foster the religious, academic, social-emotional, and physical growth of students.  The Nativity staff encourages students to appreciate the value of education and life-long learning through example, support and action. Students are given critical skills and knowledge to fulfill their potential as responsible, participating members of family, the Church, and society. Through Catholic teachings and practices, students grow in understanding the importance of being faithful to commitments and of service to others in the global community. The Nativity staff affirms the interrelationship of the school, home and Church, recognizing that parents are the primary educators of the children served.


Our School-wide Learning Expectations (SLEs) contain the expectations we uphold for students in grades in TK-8 throughout their time here as Nativity Saints.



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