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2019-2020 Important Information

February 4, 2019 by Susan Armendariz

Re-Registrationn is now open to all current students. If you plan on returning to Nativity for the 2019-2020 school year, you must pay the registration fee. Please note that registration fee is $185.00 per student. If you register before March 1st, you will receive a discount of $50.00 and pay only $135.00 per student. Any families who register after the early registation period, will be required to pay the complete $185.00 per student.

FACTS Tuition Management
During the month of May, we will have a general parent meeting to go over some of the wonderful changes happening for the 2019-2020 shool year. One of these changes, as you all know, is the requirement for all families to enroll in FACTS. Please remember that FACTS requires an annual enrollment fee of $50.00 per family. If you know that you will return to Nativity next year and can pay the early registration now, please do so. You will be able to save the discounted $50.00 to pay your FACTS enrollment fee when the time arrives in May-June.

Tuition, Service Hours & Fundraising
As is the case every year, there is a slight increase in tuition with $5.00 being added to the monthly cost. Additionally, service hours will have a slight increase as well. Families who receive financial assistance will be required to complete 30 SERVICE HOURS and families who do not receive tuition assistance wil be required to complete 20 SERVICE HOURS. The reason for the increase is to help us ensure that we are making up for the deficit that exists in our budget after tuition is paid. Finally, the fundraising requirement per family will remain the same. Each family will be required to fundraise $250.00 in the given school year.

Technology Upgrades
As many of you know, this year we have been blessed with various upgrades. We have added security cameras throughout the school entrances, upgraded the main entrance to allow for “buzz in” “buzz out” access, installed 10 overhead projectors (1 in each classroom), and are in the process of securing the alleyway between the main office and brick building by installing a gate to close the alley during all school hours. We are grateful for the support of donors who have helped to make this possible!

As we prepare to move forward, make quality 21st century education our priority to help each student succeed. In order to do this, we recognize the need to keep our student devices up-to-date. Now that we have upgraded our projectors, the goal is to add additional devices that will allow for teachers to integrate technology even more. In order to do this, we have consulted with technology experts and have been advised to add a technology and student resourse fee. Please note that we are still in the planning process and are considering a technology and resourse fee of no more that $80.00 per student to start. More information regrding this will be shared in the months to come.

As always, thank you for choosing Nativity School for the education and spiritual formation of your child!


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